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Mr. V. Janardhanan

Mr. V. Janardhanan is a Diploma holder in Electrical engineering (LEE Year 1960).

He started his career in Hackbridge Hewettic & Easun Ltd. Chennai, a transformer manufacturing company, in the year 1960. He was primarily in the design and testing department. In the year 1978 he joined Electra India Ltd, Meerut, as a project engineer.

In the year 1982 he left Electra India to pursue his ambition of starting his own business. He started with manufacturing testing equipment for transformers. At this time he was also a consultant for design and testing for various transformer manufacturing companies. In the year 1984 he started Precimeasure Controls as a partnership between himself, Mr. S.R.Krishnamurthy, Mr. V Balasubramanian and Mr. S.R. Sankaran.

He was the brains behind the indigenization of hither to purely imported product – Temperature Controllers. With his 24 years of experience in the design and testing fields of the transformer industry, he, with Mr. Krishnamurthy, slowly built up the products of Precimeasure as we see today.